Upgrading of Energy Efficiency Grading Standards


The number of energy efficient products in the market keeps increasing since the launch of MEELS and consumers now have more choices. To further encourage suppliers to provide more energy efficient products for consumers, the upgrading of grading standards covers three types of products, namely room air conditioners, refrigerating appliances and washing machines.

Starting from 25 November 2015, these three prescribed products supplied by importers shall bear the “U1 energy label.”

Comparison of the Past and Existing Standards

Under the existing grading standards, the energy efficiency grading standards of the three products are increased. Learn more about the comparison of the grading under the past and existing standards.

Percentage of Energy Saving

Energy efficient products not only consume less energy and help protect the environment, they also help save money. The energy saving of the three products after upgrading of energy efficiency grading standards is as follows:

  Room Air Conditioners Refrigerating
Washing Machines
Window Type Room Air Conditioners Split Type Room Air Conditioners
Grade 1 vs Grade 3 11% 36% 41% 23%
Grade 1 vs Grade 5 25% 61% 97% 48%

Distinguish Labels with Different Grading Standards

Under the existing grading standards, the information of energy label is slightly different from that under the past grading standard. Learn more about how to distinguish the labels with different grading standards.

Energy Efficiency Grading Information of a Listed Model

To learn more about the energy efficiency grading of refrigerating appliance and washing machine listed models under the past and existing standards by entering the reference number or model.

As the calculation method for room air conditioners is revised in the existing grading standard, the past and existing grading information of room air conditioners cannot be compared directly. As a general guideline in choosing a room air conditioner, split type unit is more energy efficient than window type unit. In addition, an inverter type unit is more energy-saving than a non-inverter type unit.



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